1st Kumbal Perahera

21st August 07.10 PM

2nd Kumbal Perahera

22nd August  07.05 PM

3rd Kumbal Perahera

23rd August  07.02 PM

4th Kumbal Perahera

24th August  06.57 PM

5th Kumbal Perahera

25th August  07.02 PM

1st Randoli Perahera

26th August  07.26 PM

2nd Randoli Perahera

27th August  06.46 PM

3rd Randoli Perahera

28th August  06.48 PM

4th Randoli Perahera

29th August  07.15 PM

The Grand Randoli Perahera

30th August  07.03 PM

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