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Koppara Pujawa 2022

Accordingly, the army will donate about 15 tons of “Koppara” to light up the entire procession. For the past few years continuously, Sri- Lanka Army donated the required amount of “Koppara” for the procession.

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දිය කැපීමේ පුණ්‍ය මහෝත්සවය 2022.

දිය කැපීමේ පුණ්‍ය මහෝත්සවය 2022. 2022 කන්ද උඩරට ඇසළ පෙරහර මහා මංගල්ලයේ අවසන් මහා රන්දෝලි පෙරහර ඊයේ(11) නිකිණි පුර පසළොස්වක පොහෝ දා රාත්‍රියේ දළදා සමිඳුන්ට,

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Second Randoli Perahera

Blessed “Indiraja” the royal tusker, guarded by “Miyanraja” & “Kandula” carried the Sacred Casket. With the sounds of “hewisi” ringing through the air, the breathtaking

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First Randoli Perahera 2021

“Wasana” the ceremonial tusker carried the Sacred Perahera Cascket with “Miyanraja” & “Kandula” guarding on either side on this first Randoli Procession. Kandyan dancers, musicians,

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Third Kumbal Procession 2021

While “Singharaja” the Royal tusker dazzled the streets of Kandy on the 3rd Kumbal Procession of the Kandy Esala Perahera Festival, the Kandyan dancers, drummers

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